Holiday Marketing Events

Many of my clients sell products to retail stores. I’m lucky to be able to also work with some boutiques as well. Small businesses with budgets. I’m a big fan of trunk shows and special events at retail locations, as I feel it helps stores bring in traffic and create relationships with their end consumer. But for a manufacturer, it also allows a company to show products that the store may not be able to carry on a regular basis and connect with the end consumer where you typically do not get that opportunity when you just sell wholesale.

The holidays are a perfect time to host a special event. People are in a festive mood, and often the winter months are slower for vacations, kids activities, and the like, so customers have more ability to attend.

A trunk show can be a combo event with the manufacturers who work well together, such as jewelry and boots, or for a tack store perhaps a saddle company and a nutritional company. You can have a “party” with food and beverages, or perhaps a tack store could host a series of short informational speakers during the day. Offering a discount or a gift with purchase is also a nice touch, as is creating “gift displays” of items that match well together. Liven up your store displays and decor for the season, sometimes moving things around and re-grouping leads to a feeling of “new” merchandise. Be sure to promote the event on social media, websites, emails, flyers, and in other businesses.

Be creative, but also have that relationship building/helpful mentality, positioning yourself as an expert in your area, whether that be creating a perfect outfit, or creating a perfect horse themed gift basket for your aspiring equestrian gift recipient. Big box stores do not have that ability to bond with the customer, and your expertise is what sets you apart. Have a happy holiday selling season!