I think we should hang out.

Why should you consider hiring me? Well, because I care about your business and want to help you. I love getting to know cool products and companies. Because I’m not a big agency that is going to give you a templated plan and then move on to the next client, leaving you to talk to a receptionist or intern if you have questions. I’m honest and I don’t “blow smoke” or make promises that I can’t keep.

I get involved in the daily “business” of my clients, get down in the dirty trenches with them, and I usually count them as friends after I’ve helped them. You work directly with me. I have some other cool people who help me out with web design, graphics, videos, and the like, but I’m the one delving into your business “pain” and figuring out how to move beyond it and get you more of what you want. I want you to succeed! Let’s get together and figure this thing out! I’m passionate about showing you how to FIRE UP YOUR BRAND!

I’ve successfully launched brands/products, increased sales up to 110% in 4 months, and gained my clients a lot of brand recognition, media attention, sales, and a firm plan for the future.

So who am I?

I’m lucky that I’ve spent my life living in, and 17 years working for, some great small and medium sized businesses in various industries, including the top names in the Western Lifestyle industry (apparel, magazines, tack, trailers, bits and spurs, boots, retail boutiques), agricultural and construction equipment, and pet products. I really enjoy working for products in my lifestyle. But I have a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing (like a specialized marketing focused MBA) and business savvy learned from the best in the biz; they trained us how its done at Kellogg’s, Coors, Reebok and you know, those big guys with lots of money that advertise on the Super Bowl.

I can take those big dollar strategies and make them work for you, even on your budget. Because I get you. I’m a small business owner, living and working in the country, on the fringe of big city Denver and now Fort Worth. I like to combine my farm girl ingenuity and work ethic with my big city savvy, style and technology.

I’m passionate about small business, local, artisan, stuff that is created and built by hand with the passion of the person who made it, grew it, thought of it and put their blood, sweat, and tears into it. I’m inspired by YOU and what you do. I love to get to know your business and figure out how to help!

Personally, I am obsessed with vintage (especially retro travel trailers), performance horses, big dogs, craft beer, local food,  rockstar cowboy boots, cooking, gardening, photography, creating and most of all, getting to know inspirational people who are doing cool stuff. What inspires YOU?