Product Photography

Everyone has a smart phone with a camera. So why hire a photographer when you can just get a quick snapshot for free on your iPhone? Product photographers will use lighting, special lenses, photo editing software, etc. to make your products attributes not only stand out, but look like a sculpture. With a crowded retail marketplace, don’t you want your product to look amazing? To see all the details that make it special?

You also want to watch lighting that can wash the product out, busy or distracting backgrounds, and angles of shots that distort the product or cast it in an unflattering dimension. Focus on the closeup details, show it on a model that doesn’t detract from the product, with a nice, but plain, background. Mood of the photo will set the mood for the future marketing materials. Do you want a plain white background that can easily be photoshopped out? Or do you want an outdoorsy background that lends itself to a friendly mood? How do you get rid of glare on a shiny horse trailer? Can you see the detail in the tooling on your saddle or engraving on your silver pieces?

I am experienced in thinking ahead, developing photos that fix future marketing needs and show off a product’s best sales features, as well as sourcing particular skills in a photographer, finding locations, and directing product photo shoots. It makes a big difference in future advertising and in product branding. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but in marketing I think they are worth more. They can make or break a product.