Social Media: It’s Not The Beginning OR The End

With the proliferation of social media: Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, etc etc etc. many people have been lucky enough to have success with a DIY and shotgun approach to marketing. Many people think “let’s just throw up some posts and we will get sales!” or “we don’t even need a website, they are expensive and take too long!” While some small products or at home businesses can maybe have ann exciting surge of recognition if they have a great product, social media isn’t the beginning or the end of marketing or sales.

It’s not the beginning. What do I mean by that? Well, what are you going to post? Have you thought about a name for your product? Have you researched it to make sure it isn’t similar to a competitor? Already used? Hard to spell or pronounce? Have odd or off-putting connotations? Do you have a professional looking logo that people will recognize (it’s hard to change this later)? Do you have brand colors and font?(You do know that colors and fonts give feelings about your product and service which impact sales, right?) Do you know your target audience and what they respond to? Do you have this all written down so that you have a map to follow?

You have to have a look, feel, good product photos (not snapshots), and a place to take people’s money. What content plan do you have? Social media is EASY to do, not so easy to plan and monetize.

So when I say social media isn’t the beginning, I like folks to know what they are going to post and have a plan so that they can stay true to their LOOK, FEEL, BRAND, and also be able to TAKE MONEY.

Social Media isn’t the END either. Social media is a great tool. But it isn’t FREE, and soon most folks find out that consistently posting quality photos, content, and VIDEO (pro video is huge here!) is just the tip of the iceberg. In order to maximize marketing, social media should just be part of an INTEGRATED campaign for your company or product. Let me know if I can help guide you. If you like posting, I like building content plans.