Justify People Spending Money

At this time of year, most folks have put together a budget plan for their marketing for 2013 (get on it!). But on the other side of things are the magazines, associations, and individuals who want companies to sponsor them, buy ads, etc. In order to justify anyone spending money, you need to prepare a sales/media kit! In this kit, you should include any numbers and reasons why the business would give you money. Businesses are in it to make money, not to be nice. If you don’t have these numbers, you need to get them. How many events do you have? How many people attend the events? What are the demographics of your readers (where do they live, how much do they make, what do they purchase?). For individuals who want sponsored, put together a package showing your accomplishments, and your plans for how you will market the business in 2013. Without this preparation, the chances are slim that you will get any corporate money. Money is tight for everyone right now, you need to show me how you will help me sell more than the 85 other people who want my money for this year.