Likes Make You Feel Good, But….

Like-us-on-Facebook2Something that has come up over and over again is “we want more fans” and “we need more likes on our page, we look pathetic.” Well, it isn’t hard to buy likes, run a contest, give stuff away, etc. But are those fans actually your target audience? Paying for “likes” doesn’t necessarily increase sales.

I have a lot of high end product clients. Their products are on the expensive side of the spectrum, and not all people on Facebook (or other social media platforms) can afford, get financed, need, or even FIT INTO the products we sell. Do I care if they follow us and see what we are doing? Of course not. But the number of likes you have isn’t a good indication of your social media marketing effectiveness. Are these “likes” people who are engaging in a positive fashion with the group? Are they forwarding your content? Are they BUYING FROM YOU? Do you have a way to get them to go to your website/purchase?

You have to make it really fun and easy for them to get to the end game via your posts, whether that is buying a product, sharing your info, calling you for a consult, etc. And value your conversions or sales more than your number of “likes.”