Strategic: What Does This Mean?

I get hired a lot when clients don’t know what to do. Maybe they see a decline in business, or a stagnation, or they are just starting business, and they don’t know what to do. Many times this reflects that they are just so busy doing “their thing” that they have sort of let the rest of the BUSINESS part of their business fall to reactive vs. proactive.

I like to look down the road with them to decide what the road looks like. I try to seek out opportunities for them in the future and guide them to how best prepare for that opportunity. Usually, reactive marketing or reactive strategy doesn’t position you or your product in the best place to gain from opportunities. If someone called you today and said they had a FREE opportunity, would you be prepared? Do you have readily available logos in different sizes? A cohesive array of print ads that can be sized? Promotional materials that can be emailed/sent? Copyright free professional images of you, your products, your building, your endorsees?

Those are tangible things, but many of my clients don’t have a customer in mind. They do their thing, build their product, without having a clear idea of how they will sell it or to whom. Or if their audience even wants or can afford (or find) their item.

In this day of business, it is pretty imperative to have a website or social media account that is up to date and reflects your brand. Also, it is important to manage your online brand presence coming from others. Building all the pieces of your business, your reputation, your imagery, etc etc etc is all key for positioning yourself in the best possible light.

Looking ahead and planning for the future (and potential potholes) is key on any journey, especially with your products, your brand, and your business. Call me to help you develop your road map and prepare you for the future.